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In today’s world being a child is hard.  When life’s challenges hurt our children, surrounding them with others who can help them (and us!) is sometimes the best thing we can do for our kids.  We offer a variety of play therapy approaches to help your child through even the most difficult circumstances.


Dear mom and dad: they may not think you’re cool, but they still need you!  Finding a therapist that a teen likes and wants to work with is important. So important that the number one indicator of success in therapy is the trusting relationship.  All of our therapists work with teens, and teens actually report WANTING to come.


Tired of “adulting?”  Wish there was a real life easy button?  Me too.  If you aren’t sure how therapy can help you, I encourage you to call and at least schedule a consultation to learn more about different approaches to therapy and how we can help.


Parenting is hard. Period.  We shouldn’t have to do it alone, and we all need help.  Our team of therapists are trained to meet with you and your family and help all of you communicate and have the relationships you want.


If Fortune 500 companies hire consultants to come in, review their bottom line and offer ways to improve their company, why shouldn’t we be proactive in pursuing and maintaining healthy relationships?  Whether you are engaged, in a long term relationship, seeking to get married, or are married already, counseling can offer your relationship support and guidance.

About Our Founder

Elizabeth Miranda has been serving Kansas City’s counseling needs for 13 years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Now she has brought together a world-class team of individuals to form Miranda Counseling. Welcome!

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