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Yes, Our Basic Level Training: was developed by Dr. Robbie Adler-Tapia and is EMDRIA Approved. Elizabeth Miranda, LCMFT is an EMDRIA Approved Basic Level Training Provider.

Liability: EMDRIA sets the standards and recommendations for how therapists should be trained and deemed “competent” to use EMDR. If trained by other agencies or not approved, they may not be teaching you EMDR according to evidence-based practices, but also how do you support that you are effectively trained in EMDR to use it if you aren’t trained by them?

Second, if you don’t attend an EMDRIA approved training, you may not be able to attend further, advanced trainings or become a certified clinician, etc in EMDR as you haven’t attended an EMDRIA approved Basic training. Many advanced trainings require you to show that you have attended an EMDRIA Approved Basic training.

For-Profit agencies, hospitals or private practice: $1495
Non-profit agencies/hospitals, educational institutions, current or former military, and any graduate students: $1100

Cost includes:
Level 1 (Weekend 1)
Level 2 (Weekend 2)

10 hours of Consultation *This consultation is required by EMDRIA in order to complete
your basic level training, and is included in the cost of the training.

If you are looking into other training providers we recommend asking them if consultation
is included in the training price, as many times it is not. Also ask how much they charge to provide the consultation, as this can range from $25/hr to $250/hr.

Remember the consultation hours are required in order to be EMDRIA Approved and finish your Basic Level Training, so this can add up quickly and be a significant charge.

Non-profit fee is offered to:

Active or former Military
Non-profit agency settings *must work at least 20 hours for the non-profit/week.


*this is not the rate for anyone under post-graduate supervision towards independent levels of
licensure in your state, only active graduate school students.

Payment plans are offered as well, with an initial payment due at time of registration, and then $275 for 3 monthly payments after.

EMDRIA typically calls this “Basic Level Training” or  sometimes “Level 1” and “Level 2” trainings.

In order to be an EMDR clinician you MUST Complete the following, and this is ALL INCLUDED in the cost of our trainings:

  • Level 1 (weekend 1) 3 days
  • Level 2 (weekend 2) 3 days
  • 10 hours of Consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant
  • Training Manual (for download if virtual)
  • Access to an online learning platform, Thinkific, where you can access the training materials and videos for 1 year

YES!! You get 10 hours of consultation after completing level 2 training. This means that when you return to your practice, you get 10 hours of support to help you implement EMDR with your clients.

We provide a light breakfast of fruit, coffee, and muffins, etc. but lunch is on your own.

You may leave for lunch, or some people prefer to pack a lunch (we cannot guarantee the host site has access to microwaves or refrigeration, so plan accordingly.)

We typically allow 1 hr for lunch between 12 and 1pm.

In Kansas City, all Training Times are CENTRAL time zone.

*please check your local times to ensure that you have adjusted correctly if necessary

Training Schedule for Level 1 and Leve 2 Basic Level EMDR Training:

  • 8:00 am Registration and Coffee
  • 830 am: Training Starts
  • 12 to 1pm: LUNCH
  • 5pm: Training ENDS daily

Yes, we do. Please see our calendar for our upcoming 1 Day Refresher Course in EMDR. It is EMDRIA Approved, but you must have finished an EMDRIA Approved Basic level Training in order to attend.

Not on our calendar at a time that works for you? We can let you know when we have one booked if you fill out a request form or sign up for the newsletter (we don’t spam you, and only send relevant future training info).

Nope. No pressure! The training is a lot of information, so we save the 10 hours of consultation for after the training when you are at home and want support implementing EMDR with clients.

After you have finished level 2 training, you will be given opportunity to sign up for consultation at times that work for you.

*EMDRIA Requires that you complete the 10 hours of
consultation within 1 year of having started your training (level 1 being the start date) so keep this in mind when scheduling your consultation.

1 year from start date.

EMDRIA requires that you complete all training requirements within 1 year of starting the training process. So: Level 1, Level 2, and all 10 hours of consultation must be completed within 1 year of start date. These are the basic requirements to be an EMDR clinician.

*We do offer trainings year round, so if you have to cancel or re-schedule due to unforeseen circumstances you may be able to attend a future training.

Great question! Nope. No. Nope.

Certification is a separate process, and it begins once you are done with the Basic Level Training (or level 2 trained).

Level 1, Level 2, and 10 hours of consultation are required to be an EMDR Clinician. Some refer to this as “level 2 trained” or “Basic Level Trained” in EMDR. After you are finished with this training, you can do EMDR and call yourself an EMDR clinician.

Certification: you may pursue certification after finishing this training, EMDRIA.org has more information on the requirements.

EMDRIA Certification FAQ:

No, you do not. Level 1, Level 2, and 10 hours of consultation (which are all included in the price) are required to be an EMDR clinician.

Further consultation and trainings are offered, but you do not have to be “certified” or pursue additional training to practice EMDR.

Here is the link to EMDRIA which explains in detail what is required to be Certified in EMDR:

20 hours of consultation is required prior to certification. The 10 hours of Basic level consultation do NOT count.

Miranda Counseling coaches are all EMDRIA Approved Consultants and offer Consultation towards certification, we encourage you to reach out to discuss if one of us is a good fit for your needs. We offer groups and individual consultation.

Other certification requirements:

  • Be Independent level or clinically level licensed in your state
  • Practicing clinician for at least 2 years in your field of license
  • 12 hr EMDRIA Approved Training hours (after basic training)
  • Utilize EMDR for at least 50 sessions with a minimum of 25 different clients
  • Other documentation, as required by EMDRIA see website for details.

Please Read Before Registering for EMDR Training

Please review the EMDR FAQ found on this page.

You may be required to complete some or all of the following documents linked below, and turn them in before or on the day of your training.

Click Here for the Participation Agreement

Click Here for the Supervisee Consent Form