Therapy for Families

Parenting is hard. Period.

We shouldn’t have to do it alone, and we all need help. Our team of therapists are trained to meet with you and your family and help all of you communicate and have the relationships you want.

Our approach at Miranda Counseling may seem unique, but we truly put an emphasis on the whole family. Many well-trained therapists make the mistake of working with only one member of a family: the child, or the parent. We believe in a wholistic approach: making sure the entire family is healthy and functioning. Every parent has a “guilt” button and worries they are “screwing up.”

Often children believe they are the problem and if only they weren’t the family would be happy (divorce, abuse, anxiety, etc). A therapist helping a child understand they are loved is one thing, but how much more powerful would it be to have the parent in session with their child to help them heal?

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