Hey couples! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage! Pursuing a healthy and long-lasting marriage is one of most important actions you can take. We offer premarital counseling to help engaged or recently married couple have the resources and insights to help set you on the right path to creating a happy marriage.

We use a tool called the SYMBIS assessment, a researched based tool to help couples get clarity on communication styles,  expectations, conflict styles, your money management types and more to help you hit the ground running creating the marriage you’ve always dreamed of. We put so much work as we put into planning an amazing wedding day, let’s be just as intentional about building a loving relationship that will last long after your big day!

What to expect:

We offer a premarital couple package of $500 for 5 sessions plus a $35 payment for access to the SYMBIS assessment. Once you call and schedule with us, we will send you access to the SYMBIS assessment, which will take you each about 30 minutes to fill out. Once completed, you’ll come in for your five sessions, where your counselor will help you break down the assessment one page at a time. You’ll leave with a great roadmap to start you marriage off right!

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