Therapy for Individuals

We see adults with a variety of issues including:

  • Relationship conflicts (family, spouse/significant other, in-laws, colleagues/work, children, etc)
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Affair Recovery
  • Life Stages/Transitions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

Things we often hear clients say when considering counseling for themselves or a family member/significant other:

  • “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it” and of course! Insight is helpful but taking the next step for change can be the most difficult. Talk with your therapist about this step and ways to break through whatever your barriers are.
  • ”I’ve been to therapy before, it didn’t help” There are many different approaches to therapy, so don’t give up. Your therapist may not have been a right fit for you and your needs. Also, there are stages in life that make change even harder? You may be in a different place now than before.
  • “I can’t afford it” Yes, therapy is an investment. We offer receipts to submit to insurance for reimbursement and sliding fee scales to assist clients in making it affordable. But in the end, it’s a financial investment. If you are budgeting, I typically tell clients to plan for 12-14 sessions. Keep in mind that adults can sometimes meet twice a month, or for “check-ins” as needed once your goals are met.
  • “I’m not the problem, they are…” or “if they won’t change, it’s pointless and they won’t come to therapy.” Relationships that last a lifetime comes with conflict, they just do. However, there is hope even if ONE party comes to therapy. Here is some hope: if I change and heal, they no longer have power over me emotionally. Another hope: if I change and grow, they have to change in relationship to me because I’m in a different space. Ask us more about this via our Baby Mobile Analogy!

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