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Basic Consultation

Once you are finished with your level 1 and 2 trainings, we are here to support you in implementing EMDR with your clients. As part of the training, you receive 10 hours of consultation that you book with one of our EMDRIA approved consultants. These hours are paid for as part of the training package with Miranda Counseling.

If you are shopping for trainings in EMDR, be sure to ask other training providers if consultation is included in the price, and if not how much you should expect to pay as prices for consultation can vary (from $80 to $250 per hour!) These 10 hours are required by EMDRIA in order to complete your training and be approved to provide EMDR therapy. Many trainers do not include this in the cost of training, which can add expense.

Basic level Training Participants: If you have attended our basic level training, read on to learn how to sign up for consultation.

*this page is for training participants who are finishing level 1 and 2, or “basic level training” in order to provide EMDR. If you are finished with this and looking for additional consultation towards certification in EMDR, please see the Certification tab Important information to remember.

1. EMDRIA requires you attend 10 hours of consultation in order to be finished with your Basic Level Training.
2. All 10 hours of consultation are included in your training price.
3. You must finish these 10 hours within 1 year of having started your level 1 training.
4. If you need to reschedule, we ask that you cancel your consultation with as much notice as possible, if you miss or cancel within 48 hours you will be charged for this consultation at a rate of $25/hour.

Here is the Sign up Genius Link to sign up for hours:

What’s next?


Level 1, Level 2 and 10 hours of consultation = Basic Level Trained
COMPLETION OF BASIC TRAINING IN EMDR THERAPY – After completing this second part and a total of 10 hours of EMDRIA required consultation for basic training, you will receive a certificate of completion of basic training.

*Some refer to this as “basic level trained” or “level 2 trained”.
*You can refer to yourself as doing EMDR (insurance, progress notes, marketing).

When you have completed the 10 hours, please send an email listing all the dates of consultation to elizabeth@mirandacounseling.com with “EMDR Certificate” in the subject line. Please submit the form provided with dates of consultation.

We will send you a certificate of completion of basic training, which includes the total hours of attendance (please speak with your licensing board to ensure CEU’s are accepted)