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Therapy for Couples

Issues we help couples face are:

Most couples wait until a crisis in relationship hits before seeking help. If this is you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Even if your partner is hesitant, helping just one member can assist in healing relationships.

Research tells us couples will always have a source of conflict in their relationship, (the good news is we ALL argue about something.) But research is also teaching us that we can learn ways to support each other and come back together in even the most difficult of arguments. There is a growing body of research supporting that marital counseling helps. We walk this journey with you, guiding you to the best decision for you, your relationship, and your family.

Pre-Marital Counseling:

If Fortune 500 companies can hire consultants to come in, review their bottom line and offer ways to improve their company, why shouldn’t we be pro-active in pursuing and maintaining healthy relationships? Whether you are engaged, in a long term relationship, seeking to get married or re-married: pre-marital counseling can offer your relationship a great start. We offer the Prepare-Enrich Inventory and counseling, an evidence-based inventory to help assess your relationship strengths and help walk you through skills and ways to address current or future conflict in your relationship in healthy ways.

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